Large Group | Company | Church Events

Get your whole crew together for the ultimate Team-Building Experience! 

We host both large events for all types of gatherings! 

we host events as large as you need and will travel to you! 

 We  customize pricing for your group size and here is our average pricing breakdown. 

We travel state wide (Illinois)  - ask us about out of state events. 

Parties of  20 -30    $25

Parties of 30-50      $24ea

Parites of 50 -100   $23ea

Parties of 100 -200  $20ea

Parties of 200+        $15ea

This price Estimate is for canvas painting - other projects are subject to higher/lower rates per guest. 


Tickets can be purchased individually by attendees through pre-registration or sign up  -or-

The company can pay the entire balance at the end of the event or be invoiced.

Depending on the payment structure a down payment may or may not be required



Table covers


All supplies to create the paintings, easels, brushes, canvas, paints etc.

Paper products needed for painting


2-2.5 hours instruction

Set up and Cleanup of painting supplies

Photos of event in action and group pic at the end



Venue or location reservation

Optional: Microphone - if needed 

(please make sure the venue knows we will be painting)

Confirmation that the venue has enough tables/chairs - no table linens needed as we will bring plastic table covers.

Examples of venues: Churches, Senior Centres, Motels, vfw, clubs & event centers, convention centers 


Art Bar 39 events are a great way for your team members, employees or customers, guests to all come together at the same level and experience a new way to socialize & interact with each other.  Our events offer a relaxing atmosphere where creativity and fun are encouraged. 

Ask us about special ‘Team building’ options if your event is training directed.


Art Bar 39 - Making art accessible to everyone!


A contract Agreement will be sent upon request with booking form and or as part of the booking process. 

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